Paying you for your data!

Introduction from Whitepaper V1

“DataForMoney (DFM) will establish a win-win-win relationship with users, businesses/entities, and token holders. Widely known to be an ever-important modern-day currency equivalent, data has never been more valuable. DFM is looking to mass-produce the new currency of data. DFM will be the middleman in effectively reinventing how users provide, generate, and receive compensation for their data and time spent online.

The Tokenomics design supports price appreciation while maintaining a strong network that adapts to changing variables.

Presale + ICO Details

Presale will complete in the short term before an ICO launches.

For information regarding the Presale, ICO and company updates, subscribe below:

If you have any questions regarding the whitepaper or presale, please contact Phone calls and in-person meetings can arrange by request.

Initial Roadmap

Subject to change, please leave an email address and subscribe above to all company updates, including material changes to the roadmap.

  • Q1 2021:

    • The team will provide presale details to all interested parties.
    • Presale closes, the building of the beta platform completes and begins testing.

  • Q2 2021:

    • Beta testing completes.
    • The Jobs token becomes tradeable.
    • Initial user acquisition campaigns go live.

  • Q3-Q4 2021

    • ICO finalizes
    • The team will provide ICO details to all interested parties.
    • Platform launches, external data requests begin functionality.
    • User growth and revenue growth are the main focus moving forward.

Open Positions

CTO – DataForMoney has found a brilliant CTO.  

Various Roles – DataForMoney is looking for the right people to join as co-founders. There are currently 5 co-founders and we are always looking for assets to leverage!

Advisors – DataForMoney is looking for numerous strong advisors to join. Advisors will be successful individuals where DataForMoney can leverage experience and network. 

– Currently numerous advisors are working with DataForMoney including Dr. Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus of Economics, President of Econometric Research, and Former Undersecretary of The United Nations serves as an advisor.

Advisors and initial employees receive material equity ownership. All advisors will own enough to classify as one of the few Network Holders. 

If you are interested in applying, please email Show why you deserve to be part of the co-founding team and share an understanding of the DataForMoney vision or Tokenomics model. More with less, preferably. If you believe you will be an asset, DataForMoney is interested!

The founder Adam Berze is an ex-Deloitte employee who left to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship.

DataForMoney is looking for ~2 – 10 co-founders to join in making DataForMoney a success. Non-CTO roles may be part-time with full time commencing after pre-sale completion. Show DataForMoney why you are an ever-important asset. If you feel you can contribute to a position not listed, please let DataForMoney know. There will be no salaries until the presale finalizes. Work is remote with an in-office option to be made available post-covid. The CTO will assist in the process of selecting additional co-founders.

In short, DataForMoney is looking for intelligent, creative, hardworking individuals that want to be part of an exciting culture bringing the DataForMoney vision to life.

Closing thoughts from Whitepaper V1

“DataForMoney will bring financial opportunity to users worldwide, fine-tuned data to entities, and value to token holders. To become the one-stop-shop for providing and receiving information positions DataForMoney in a way that will change the lives of users, businesses, and organizations alike. The invisible hand will adequately guide the price, supply, and holding tier breakdown for all users in the DataForMoney Tokenomics model.”
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